Ah, the joys of being a self-publisher.

When you sell books to national bookstores, there’s always a chance that the books won’t sell and you’ll have to buy them back. This happened today with the first edition of Paul’s Little White Mouse Volume 1. We have taken back around 500 copies, and just found out that we need to take back another 500. We’ll be up to our ears in these things!

So — who wants one? We’re now selling them at the cut rate of five bucks each. Yes, that’s right, the first quarter of Paul’s critically praised series for only a finskeroo. Christmas is coming; these make cheap stocking stuffers! Interested? Hit Paul’s site — he should have a sales page up for them soon — or email him at Paul At Paulsizer dot com. Buy ’em for your school! Your library! Your kids! Your kids’ kids! You know you want one!