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A link post.

Some people think AmazonFail was just a glitch, and that everyone overreacted. Some people don't.

Woodrow "Asim" Hill wrote a very thoughtful entry on the torture memos, which sums up how I feel. In the comments, someone linked to this blog, written by a former military interrogator. I thought this post was especially worth reading, but most of his recent entries are very educational.

This post touches on why most of my post-RaceFail blogging has been linking to other articles. I am reading a lot of books and articles lately, but I don't feel like my analysis would add anything -- would most likely detract from it, in fact -- so better the authors' words on the subject than mine.

The Radical and the Republican, by James Oakes, is a really great book. Highly recommended.

Easter in Orange County is a long essay about suburban culture and Jewish identity, but it's definitely worth your time to read. Alas, a Blog is turning out to be one of my favorite reads, lately. Hereville Barry Deutsch's graphic novel (aka Ampersand, the primary blogger at Alas) and it's also quite a good read.

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