I bought a kayak today.

Last night Paul and I borrowed a pair of demo boats from the local kayak store, and took them out for a sunset paddle with another couple who are already into kayaking. I got to try the Tsunami 140, which I didn’t think I fit into last time, but decided I liked better than the 145 after all.

So this morning we returned two boats and returned home with one. It’s a nice red boat, and I can’t wait to take it out tomorrow for its maiden voyage. Paul’s going to wait and take a paddling class in the spring before he buys his own boat, but he was looking at the 140 as well, so he’ll get to take mine out in the meantime to get used to it.

If he can wrest it away from me, that is.


With freaky-eyed dog for scale.


  1. Congrats on the kayak.

    And on the fact that you can play Red Light, Green Light with Zoe. At least I think that’s a positive. Um. Probably. Give her an extra treat or two to stay on her good side. ;)

  2. So, the lines of shiny dots? Are those reflectors, or chase lights, or what?

  3. It’s just the deck rigging, the part that runs the length of the boat to give you something to grab onto if you fall out or are coming alongside another boat. It looks like it must have some sort of reflective fiber in it.

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