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When I teach workshops, I always warn my attendees to not get overly attached to specific art supplies, to just use what’s at hand. Getting hung up on not having your special pencil only causes one more block between you and producing actual work.

In this, however, I am a bit of a hypocrite, because I’m really picky about some of my art supplies. Some things I don’t care about all that much, like which fine line pens I use, but there are several other art supplies that I insist on using, after years and years of trial and error. These things I order by the boxload, so that if a manufacturer stops making the item I love, I’ll have time to find a suitable replacement before I run out of supplies.

Which brings us to today’s find: A large supply of the out-of-manufacture Staedtler Integrity 9505, which I found by the literal dozens on ebay. Free shipping means I bought 16 of them. Man, I love that pencil. Beautiful grip, nice weight, perfect eraser, no lead wobble. I am a happy camper.

So, readers. What’re your must-have art supplies? Writing supplies? Coding supplies?

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  1. I realized after running through the list in my mind, that I’m far more picky about my beadwork stuff than anything else. However, these are all things that enhance the joy; can I bead with a small sewing needle and coats and clark thread? Yes. But if given the option, I’ll take the below any day.


    Size 12 John James beading needles, with the tips cut and filed (beads already have holes; no need to keep that sharp tip which will pierce the thread)

    Thread: Nymo, please, unless it’s a heavy bead embellishment piece (in which case, bring on the upholstery thread!)

    Small metal triangle trays and a fuzzy velvet-textured tray – makes it easier to catch wayward beads.

    Crochet: bamboo or plastic hooks are easier on me than metal. The only caveat to that is if I’m doing thread crochet; once the thread diameter gets small enough, only metal will be thin enough yet hold up to the stresses of crocheting.

    Knitting: I prefer wood knitting needles. Again, I can knit on metal or plastic, but if given the option, I prefer wood.

    I’ve seen you create quick sketches with bic pens on napkins. Like you said: don’t give yourself another reason to not sit down and work, but on the other hand, if you fall in love with a particular Whatever, buy enough Whatevers to keep you in stock for awhile, should Whatevers Inc go out of business.

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