Clockwork Game Update: 8/9/12

The Signal boost of the week goes to Sara Ryan, whose book Empress of the World is getting a lovely new release, and now includes a new introduction by David Levithan, and three minicomics by Steve Lieber and Dylan Meconis! I quite liked Empress, and already own the minicomics, which are also lovely, (and contain corgis) so I can vouch for what a great deal it is to have all these stories in one place.

Additional Signal Boost this week from longtime fan Jürgen Pünter, who dropped me a line saying that the folks who made ShadowRun are trying to Kickstart an online version of the game. I played SR a few times back in the day, so if you remember it as fondly as I do, drop by their Kickstarter and lend them a hand.


  1. Oh wow, thanks for including SR in your signal boost!

    You rock!

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