Signal Boost of the Week goes to Warren Ellis, whose new book, Gun Machine, just arrived on our doorstep. Paul’s already partway through it, and I get it next (I have to wait my turn, since it was his Christmas present). Ellis also recently appeared on the Nerdist Podcast, which I also recommend, because despite his balls-out exterior, Ellis is one of the most practical writers out there these days, and his no-bullshit approach to comics helped me a great deal when I was first starting out, and listening to him talk about writing for an hour is time well spent.

Note for sensitive readers: This, and the next five pages bear trigger warnings for racism and slavery. As a reminder, if you feel like you need trigger warnings to better your reading experience, I suggest picking up either the RSS or LiveJournal feed from the JanerBlog, or just starting here when you read the comic.