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Clockwork Game Update: 09/05/13

The penultimate page.

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to The Tamale Guy here in Kalamazoo!

Andrew has been selling his fantastic tamales at Bank St. Farmer’s Market for a couple of years, and is now taking the plunge and opening a retail store and catering business in the old Fuel restaurant on Burdick and Alcott. Check him out! His mango salsa is the best — I just ate a whole cup of it in one sitting!

Clockwork Game Update: 8/29/13

Two pages left.

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to T.S. Lamb, who recently illustrated four (!) books from Pie Plate Publishing! Her three newest titles are educational books about Paganism for young children: What is Magic?, What are the Elements?, and Who is a Witch? Congratulations, Tiff! Way to go!

Clockwork Game Update: 8/22/13

Only three more weeks left. So odd to be coming down to the end of this story, after so long.

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to The Killamazoo Derby Darlins, who are hosting one of the first-ever WFTDA Division 2 Roller Derby Playoff Tournaments! This weekend, right here in Kalamazoo, ten international women’s roller derby teams will be fighting for the chance to proceed to the WFTDA National Championships. Come out to Wings Stadium and see teams from as far away as North Carolina, California, New York, and Ontario, Canada participate in three whole days of derby action — you won’t be disappointed!

Clockwork Game Update: 8/15/13

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to Jill Thompson, who just announced a Kickstarter to fund a new Scary Godmother doll! I have loved Jill’s work for years, from Sandman to Magic Trixie, and this doll looks absolutely spectacular. Get in on it while you can!

Clockwork Game Update: 8/8/13

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to Brian Williams of RavenHammer Comics, who has just announced that one of his properties, The Harlem Shadow is being made into an online animated series by Russell Simmons, and starring the voice of hip-hop star Common! Huge congrats, Brian! Can’t wait to see it debut this fall!

Clockwork Game Update: 8/1/13

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to the olllam, a new Irish music group consisting of Michigan natives Tyler Duncan and Mike Shimmin, along with trad superstar John McSherry. Their debut album is garnering rave reviews, and they’re planning a tour of the United States this fall after some highly successful dates in Ireland. The album’s amazing — I picked it up at Elderly Instruments earlier this year, and it’s in constant rotation in my car. Have a listen!

Clockwork Game Update: 7/25/13

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to Sara Ryan and Carla Speed McNeil for their new graphic Bad Houses is coming soon from Dark Horse! You can read a preview or pre-order it at Things From Another World. I’ve seen sneak peeks of this book, and it’s flat-out beautiful — get your copy fast, you won’t be disappointed.

Clockwork Game Update: 7/18/13

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to Pacific Rim. Why signal boost a hollywood blockbuster, you ask? Because the monster design was done by none other than Michigan’s own Guy Davis!

Clockwork Game Update: 7/11/13

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to Allie Brosh, just announced that her book, Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened is finally being released this October! You can pre-order it here!

Clockwork Game Update: 7/04/13

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to Linda Medley, who has put the finishing touches on the second volume of Castle Waiting! I’m way behind the times — working on comics rarely leaves me time for reading comics — so imagine my excitement when I emptied my long-neglected pull file at Fanfare and found three new issues waiting for me! Hopefully you’ve all heard the news by now, but on the off chance you’ve been living under a rock like I have, go check out the new Definitive Edition of Volume 2!

Clockwork Game Update: 6/27/13

Hey, everybody. Sorry for the delay in posting — I was traveling all day yesterday and today our internet was out until just a minute ago. Here you go:

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to Evan Dahm, who’s Kickstarting the first book of his most recent series, Vattu:

Clockwork Game Update: 6/20/13

The Signal Boost of the Week goes Jim Ottaviani and Maris Wicks, whose new book Primates: the Fearless Science of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Birute Galdikas is freshly released from First Second Books! Jim still has two events scheduled for this weekend, so if you’re in the Ann Arbor area, stop on by and get your copy autographed!

Clockwork Game Update: 6/13/13

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to C. Spike Trotman, the award-winning creator and owner of Iron Circus Comics, who’s Kickstarting a brand-new anthology, Sleep of Reason! I was a proud supporter of Spike’s previous two Kickstarters, Poorcraft and Smut Peddler, so I’m really looking forward to this one, too.

Clockwork Game Update: 6/6/13

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to this Friday’s Kalamazoo Art Hop, in which both Paul and I have pieces! Paul is part of a three-man show (with Kenjji Jumanne-Marshallat the Midtown Gallery , and I have four pages from Clockwork Game in my company’s show at Biggs-Gilmore. Both shows run from 5-8, so if you’re in town, come on down and see some art!

Clockwork Game Update: 5/30/13

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to Benign Kingdom, which is Kickstarting another gorgeous series of books:

Clockwork Game Update: 5/23/13

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to Dan Kastner, founder of 1977 Mopeds and co-founder of the Moped Army, who has recently started a small-business incubator here in Kalamazoo:

“Right now we’re in absolute renovation mode, the building was ruined,” Kastner said. “We’re doing it all ourselves. Our office upstairs is wrapped up and the rest of the renovations should be finished in two months. We’ll have two buildings, and the field behind will eventually be set up for community events.”

The first floor of the building will be a machine shop for each business to utilize for prototype models, small-scale manufacturing and repairs. The second story of the building is multi-use office space with hardwood floors, couches and computer tables.

A screen printing station is sectioned off in one corner of the office space, which is made distinct by flooring made of recycled and plastered real estate signs. A full-use kitchen will eventually be installed to be used for Emily’s food blog.

Connected to the building is the shell of what will be a finished warehouse, intended to store some 3,100 retail parts sold at 1977 Mopeds and possibly as a moped showroom, that will be accessible through a garage door.

The crew decided to call the incubator “The Reality Factory,” Kastner said, after finding another site perfect for the incubating business environment they envisioned, which they coined “The Fantasy Factory.” However, the site was entirely out of their financial reach.

“We had to settle for reality,” said Kastner, with a laugh.

You may remember me mentioning Dan’s equally-talented wife Emily here in a previous signal boost. I’m so lucky to have such amazing neighbors.

Clockwork Game Update: 5/9/13

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to local singer Michelle Chamuel, of bands Ella Riot and s/he, who is now appearing as a contestant on NBC’s The Voice!

Check out her performance of Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors:

If you’ve got a spare minute, please go vote for this super-talented Michigan singer!

Clockwork Game Update: 5/2/13

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to Larime Taylor, for his Kickstarter, A Voice in the Dark:

From his website:

Larime Taylor is a disabled artist and writer living in California. He’s an award winning playwright and director of the stage, a graphic novelist (he draws with his mouth) and now, serial fiction novelist. Most of what he writes falls somewhere between urban fantasy and horror, or dark urban fairytale, as he likes to call it. While his stories do not focus solely or specifically on matters of disability, disabled characters do feature in many of them. He basically writes the kinds of things that he would like to read, but with characters that he can relate to as a disabled person.

Clockwork Game Update: 4/25/13

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to Melanie Gillman, for her already-complete comic, Smbitten, and her beautiful, ongoing comic, As the Crow Flies. She also has some really nice tutorials, including this one explaining how she gets her prismacolors looking so nice, and this one on improving your coloring.

Clockwork Game Update: 4/18/13

The Signal Boost of the Week goes to Record Store Day! April 20th is a national holiday to celebrate independent music shops. Go on out and support your local record store — if you’re in Kalamazoo, you can swing by Green Light Music — they have a great selection, and Paul did their RSD poster for the second year in a row!

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