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Hourly Comics Day

… Two weeks late, but still. I didn’t realize it only happened on February 1st! I’ll be more punctual next time around. Click each image to embiggen.

And we’re back!

It took about a week, but I finally got the sites back up and running. Sorry for the outage — I know some of the images are a bit wonky at the moment, and I’m addressing them now. THanks for bearing with me!

CG page is up, really for real

Thursday’s CG page is up now– I accidentally forgot to hit a WordPress button to send it out. It worked on my preview, so I didn’t realize the new page wasn’t up yesterday. My bad, and sorry for the delay!

Lucky me.

Last week I finally felt my skate wheels — now thirteen years old — probably needed replacing, since I’d rotated them earlier this spring, and by now the fresh sides have worn down to match the old sides in curvature (did I mention I did a lot of skating this summer? ). I went to the local sporting goods store and bought a new set of wheels and bearings, and replaced them that evening, along with a new set of brake pads. These bearings had aluminum spacers (called “floating spacers,” I found out later) which rattled loosely on the axle, unlike the plastic spacers on the old wheels, which hugged the axle. Well, I thought, they’re brand-name Rollerblade wheels, same as my skates, and the wheels are the same diameter, so they must fit. And away I went skating tonight, eager to try out my shiny new wheels.


I got about four miles in to my usual twelve, and felt a strange tug on one skate. I looked down, and the rear wheel axle on my right boot was hanging loose, free of its nut, the wheel rattling dangerously in the frame, and held in place only by the brake assembly. I figured I must not have tightened the nuts enough, so I took off the skates and hoofed it back to my car where (lucky me!) I found that the replacement brakes, luckily stowed in my trunk, had a pair of spare axles and nuts. So I fixed the wheel, finger-tightened all the other nuts to be sure, and got back on my merry way.

In the *exact same spot* about a half-mile out, I felt the same strange tug on my *left* boot. Sure enough, the left rear axle was hanging loose, free of its nut. A few limping strides later, and the wheel popped loose of the axle and rolled away behind me. I’ve never in my life lost a wheel while skating, so two in one day was a bit of a shocker. This time, with no hanging brake carriage dragging behind, I was able to slowly skate back to the car (lucky me!) and give up for the night. I’m fairly certain that all the extra rattling and looseness on the axles caused the nuts to come loose, so I saved my last replacement nut and ordered a set of the correct spacers (lucky me!).

I’m scoffing, mostly, but my real luck tonight was that I made it to the bottom of the biggest hill in the park with a shot wheel *twice* without breaking my neck. It really could’ve been disastrous, and I’m really very lucky that I’m all right.

Obligatory “not dead yet” post

Hey, so I’m not dead yet. (Sure, I’ve been posting weekly comic updates, but none of these pages are new, and WordPress has a “Schedule” feature, so you never know…)

While not actually dead, I’ve been sick in one form or another pretty much since I got home from WisCon, which explains why I haven’t posted a con report, and probably won’t get around to one. Suffice it to say: Had a blast. Nisi’s GoH speech was outstanding, and was centered around the idea that “Genius is not a zero-sum game,” which has instantly become one of my favorite phrases. Nisi likened Genius to Amalthea The Last Unicorn, who, rather than absorbing all the magic from an area where she stood, instead amplified everyone else’s magic around her. Nisi wants to be like that, to use her Genius to amplify everyone else’s Genius, so that no one has to feel like they can’t be awesome because someone else is. I love that idea so much.

I had some really outstanding conversations last weekend, too many and some too private to mention, but oh, they did my heart so good. I miss all of you guys so much already. I don’t think I’m going next year, so please don’t forget me until I can come back again.

So, a quick recap of illness, because it’s good for laughs: as is usually the case with me, I can’t do anything in half measures. This week involved a torqued shoulder, a gnarly chest cold I’m still fighting off, and to top it off, after I got the shoulder fixed by my extremely generous physical therapist, I was too stupid to listen to his advice (not to mention the instructions on the cold packs [okay, well, not the frozen peas, their instructions only involved a stove or microwave]) and gave myself a really nasty cold burn from the ice packs. Listen, guys? When the nice therapist warns you to ice your pain ten minutes on and ten minutes off, and to wrap the pack in a towel, do what he says. Otherwise you will be like me, nursing frostbite in June. It is not fun. Nor was trying to sleep this week, between the Snotapalooza festival my head was throwing and the blisters and the deep-tissue pain. So yeah, little behind on the blogging this week.

But! The good news is that I’m on the mend, and up late making comics. Life is good. How’re all of you guys?

This is why I can have nice things

Paul, out of the kindness of his heart, bought me a replacement sweater. Which I will only wash in cold water by hand with Woolite and dry flat.

Thanks, baby.

This is why I can’t have nice things

Last spring, as a present to myself, I bought an absolutely beautiful Smartwool sweater on clearance. I took it out of its box early last month and wore it for the first time, and it fit like a glove. I got compliments. I was so happy.

And then it got a little stinky, as clothing is wont to do. It’s Smartwool! I thought. Smartwool is awesome! I have other Smartwool and it goes right in the wash!

Well, now the dog has an absolutely beautiful Smartwool Paintbrush sweater, because it doesn’t even come down to my navel any more.

Remember, kids: read those labels.

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