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Emotional Labor

This thread is one of the most important pieces of group interactions that I’ve read in a long, long time.
It’s given me new vocabulary to describe and detect a dynamic that’s been eating at me in several different parts of my life: family, work, hobbies. So many thoughts, still parsing them all. Go read:

“Where’s my cut?” On unpaid emotional labor

How does biology explain the low numbers of women in computer science? Hint: it doesn’t.

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Nerd Humor.

A web developer walks into a bar, sees they’re using tables, and walks right back out again.

h/t Boing boing.

Trying something new

Okay, regular readers. I’m trying something new by not accepting anonymous comments. I figure I can either do a captcha or ask people to log in, but not both. Are most of you able to log in, given the four account choices (Google, Yahoo, OpenID, WordPress), or is this so much of a hassle that you’d prefer to go back to just the captcha? anyone who can’t respond via comments can always send me an email at

UPDATE: Too much hassle. Going back to CAPTCHA. Will haul out the login if heavy spam or trolls arrive, knock wood.


Hey, would you look at that? The JanerBlog finally crawled its way into the 21st century.

I really hated making the transition to WordPress; I still prefer MovableType, though it’s gone the way of BetaMax. Don’t get me wrong, if the new version coming out of Japan ever makes its way out of beta, I’ll be there in a flash. But for the moment, MT4.0’s just not doing what I need it to do, and after discussing options with coworkers and friends, I came to the conclusion that hacking my way through Drupal’s hedge of thorns is not an adventure I’m up to right now.

But it’s 3:30am, and sleep *is* an adventure I’m up for right now. It’s where I’m a Viking!

Blogware question.

The Fiery Studios sites are currently using MT 4.0. I need to upgrade for a number of reasons, and I’m debating between upgrading to MT 4.3 or ditching MT altogether and moving to WP 3.0.

What I want: Threaded Comments, OpenID logins, captcha, future posting.

MT 4.3 PROS: It’s an actual CMS, has threaded comments & OpenID. All my sites are on it now, so if I get the upgrade working, I don’t have to dink around with the folder structure.

MT 4.3 CONS: Future posting’s a pain to set up, I’ve never been able to get a Captcha plugin to work, and it runs on Perl, argh. Functional Plugins are scarce on the ground, and while 4.3 seems very stable, development’s halted on it entirely, and upgrading further will mean moving to 5.x, whose future is uncertain at best.

WP 3.0 PROS: It has threaded comments and future posting built in, runs on squeaky-clean PHP. Seems to have won the blogware wars handily, and is constantly being upgraded.

WP 3.0 CONS: Managing multiple sites requires a root install, meaning it doesn’t play nice with static index pages. Functional OpenID seems an impossibility, it’s not a real CMS, and its %^&*! page creation templates keep rewriting my code. I’ll have to rebuild all my site templates, import my MT entries, and let any links to my previous blog entries die on the vine.

It’s lousy either way, but does anyone have personal recommendations?


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