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Inktober Day Eighteen: Escape

Hiking has become an increasingly important escape route for me. Here’s one of the more gorgeous places I’ve been lucky enough to hike: the Pacific Northwest. This is Second Beach, in La Push, Washington. I would love to escape there again someday.

Trip Report Day Four: Hurricane Ridge

We went sea kayaking at Freshwater Bay in the morning — I don’t have any photos of the trip, because I didn’t want to risk the camera to my clumsiness. The trip was great, and we saw all sorts of wildlife we’d never seen before — pigeon guillemots, rhinoceros auklets, and a mother harbor seal carrying her pup on her back. The seals followed our boats in quiet curiosity, disappearing backwards into the water whenever we noticed them.

The kayak-tour company (which we recommend wholeheartedly) shared a building with a winery, so at the end of the trip we got to sample some nice local wines, and wound up getting a bottle to share later.

Afterwards, we drove up to Hurricane Ridge and did some hiking, which is where these photos are from.

Marmot! These guys looked almost as big as our dog Zoey, and one of them kept broadcasting a high, whistling alarm the entire time we were up there.”>

Trip Report Day Three: Dungeoness Spit

Okay, some overdue trip photos from Day Three.

Dungeness Spit. Some of the douglas firs were two and three hundred feet tall. Hard for us Michigan flatlanders to wrap our heads around the idea of a tree as tall as a 20-story building.”>

Trip Report Day 2: Forts Worden and Flagler

On the second day of our trip we got up early, had a nice breakfast with Dave and Brenda, and then drove and ferried our way out to Port Townsend for an Orca Tour. Alas, there was a gale warning, and so the tour didn’t go — so we decided to hike out to nearby Fort Worden, which has been turned into a nature preserve, and also has a really super Marine Science Center, which I wholeheartedly recommend to any fellow visitors who are big nature nerds like me.

Our next stop was nearby Fort Flagler, on Marrowstone Island, a short and beautiful drive away.

Giant Killer Monster Starfish The Size of a Manhole Cover. Getting to touch them at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center was pretty awesome. These weren’t manhole-cover sized, but they were still pretty big. Their rays would definitely hang over the edges or your average dinner plate.”>

gumboot chiton the size of my shoe. Wikipedia says locals call them ‘Wandering Meatloafs’ but to me they look more like a Klingon’s prosthetic forehead got loose and fled for the ocean.”>

Trip Report Day 1: Seattle and Lady Washington

It’s going to be too hard to write a complete trip report — we just saw too much amazing stuff. I kept a diary during the trip, but even copying parts out here would take hours. So rather than spend more time annotating my vacation than I actually spent on the vacation, I’m going to post some thumbnails from each day, with commentary. Enjoy!

Dave, his wife Brenda, and Paul. Back row: the Experience Music Project slash Sci Fi Museum, which we visited the following Tuesday. Far back row: The space needle, which we didn’t visit.”>Dramacon! Finding my book included in that massive temple of knowledge was a real thrill.”>futtock shrouds. And now I understand too well Stephen Maturin’s wobbly-legged desire for the ‘lubber’s hole’, (of which the Lady Washington has exactly NONE) because there was just no way that I had the courage to hang THIRTY FEET OVER THE WATER at a FORTY-FIVE DEGREE ANGLE to go up past the maintop. So that’s as far as I went, but it was still amazingly cool, and the First Mate was amazingly patient with me as I quivered my way back down the shrouds and ratlines.”>Clockwork Game and so we nerded out about webcomics and rigging and furries and ship’s knees and other wildly disparate topics. Paul said it was like meeting an alternate-universe version of me, where I’d grown up learning to sail.”>

steam launch. The boiler in the middle of the boat makes the motor run. How cool is that?”>

Oh, and one more thing worth mentioning: The week after we visited, the crew of the Lady Washington helped make a young pirate captain’s wish come true. How awesome is that?

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