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Suzy Hotrod

To commemorate her retirement from the Gotham All-Stars, here’s a picture of Suzy Hotrod, courtesy of this amazing photo by the equally-amazing Joe Mac.

I’ve got the Blues!

Carol Burrell’s got SPQR Blues going again! YAAAAY! Seriously, if you haven’t already been reading this wonderful webcomic, go do so now. You’ve got a little time to catch up before the new strips start.

Right now, if you head on over to her website, you can see the pinup I did for her last spring. it was a whole lot of fun to do, and it let me do all sorts of fun research into Herculaneum and the surrounding area.

Here it is, just for extra coverage:

Here’re the locations I used for the triptych’s backgrounds:

Dude, I am such a history nerd. And a fangirl of Carol’s. So glad to see her getting SPQR back on its feet! Now, if only I could do the same…

Uniques Tales #4!

Paul and I are featured in the newest issue of The Uniques Tales by fellow Michigan self-publishers Adam Withers and Comfort Love. Go check them out! My pinup is of The Ambassador, and is colored by Frank Rapoza, who did a really great job.

Thanks to Adam and Comfort for this wonderful opportunity to play in their sandbox. I had a lot of fun doing research and sketches for The Ambassador, and I think she’s a heck of a character — what if Wonder Woman were a progressive Iranian Muslimah, and spent the majority of her time working for diplomacy rather than punching people in the face? Now that’s my kind of superhero!

New Pinup!

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been doing some pinups for folks. I don’t want to share them all quite yet because I want the giftees to have the right of first post. Ironically, the last one gifted is the first one to make it out on the intertubes, so I finally get to post it!

Guy Davis is hard at work on the third graphic novel of his creator-owned series The Marquis, so I made him a pinup to celebrate.

(click to embiggen)

I can hardly wait to see what fresh new horrors crawl out of his wonderfully twisted brain. If you’re not familiar with Guy’s personal work, you may know him from his long run on Mike Mignola’s BPRD from Dark Horse. A whole bunch of other folks are doing really gorgeous Marquis pinups, and Guy’s collecting them on a special blog. Go have a look!

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