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Community gardening!

So this last Saturday, I spent all day volunteering at two separate community gardens. The first is down at the end of my street in the Vine Neighborhood, and I was really thrilled to see all the folks who stopped by to help. I got to meet neighbors I’ve lived near for literal years and never met. I’m really looking forward to getting the majority of the plants in the ground over the next few weeks — it seems like a really dedicated enthusiastic bunch, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of new friends afterwards. The Vine Neighborhood really needs more stuff like this to get us all out of our houses and interacting — it’s way too easy for us to just go to work and come home and never talk to one another. (On a side note, Paul and I have really been enjoying how many folks we’ve been meeting lately as we all use the park across the street to exercise our dogs. It’s good times!)

The second place I worked was at Peace House — and just like this awesome workday last year about a hundred local volunteers showed up from various churches, colleges and high schools. All the neighborhood kids volunteered too — and just like last year, most of them worked harder than the high schoolers, who seemed to prefer leaning on their shovels rather than using them. We built four enormous new raised beds and shoveled a dumptruck’s worth of compost into them, and added a huge sandbox to the playground. Peace House also just got some really good news — they received a grant to put in a fruit orchard of 18 dwarf trees! Soon they’ll have apples, pears, peaches and cherries to compliment their strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. I’m trying to convince them to put a grape arbor in, too.

Yay for community!

Kalamazoo Peace House

Speaking of overdue blogging, here’s a report that ran back in December about Kalamazoo’s Peace House, a place where I occasionally volunteer (though nowhere near enough; I have to get to work on fixing that…) and whose caregivers are friends of mine. These folks are the absolute real deal, and it’s a blessing and a privilege to have them in my life.

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