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Thanks to the Best Husband Ever, we got all 100 minicomics folded last night. The minicomics were printed for me by the lovely and talented Wendi Strang-Frost of Strang-Frost Productions -- thanks Wendi! You Rock! Tonight we staple, and I put in a hail-mary to try and get my Mucha drawing painted in time for SPX.

I had a minor catastrophy Sunday night. I went to paint the beautiful inks, which probably constitute the most beautiful drawing I've ever done -- and the board completely flipped out on me. When I started the drawing on the Mucha piece, I picked that board because I thought it was some of the last of my dwindling reserve of Strathmore 500 cold-press 3-ply -- you know, the really good stuff. It felt the same, was the correct weight, the tooth was how I remembered it, and it had initially been marked up with blue pencil for use as a page in the first series. However, the minute I set wet brush to paper, something went horribly awry. The board turned a mottled grey and instantly sucked up the water. It was like painting with a Q-tip on a piece of shirt cardboard. I tried to salvage it but no-go. It would take longer for me to thick-paint it on the questionable Mystery Board From Hell (which is probably not archival) than it would be for me to retrace it on to actual Strathmore 500 and have another go at it. So that's what's on the plate tonight. Wish me luck.

Either way, see you on Friday and Saturday at the Bethesda Holiday Inn!


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