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December 30, 2005

New News, Old News.

So there's this minor problem with the freeware I'm using to do my left navigation. It's the last thing to load, so if there's a bunch of images all together, you're basically stuck reading that page until all the pictures come up. The front page had a bunch of cool images, but it took for-bloody-ever for the nav to load.

As such, I've moved those blog entries to the News Section (Yay, Movable Type!) and you can find them in the News Archives, to your right. The front page/Webcomic blog will now be reserved for just that -- webcomics only. I hope to have some new webcomics updates soon... eventually...

I fixed a bunch of other, older, nagging issues -- like the nav not working in the webcomics archives, and updating some ancient programming issues over in the Fiery Studios section. I still can't get the bloody nav to work in the News Archives, but compared to the issues I used to have, it's relatively minor.

The new book is chugging along; I've got quite a bit of work done these last couple days I've had off. I've been flat-out avoiding the computer in an effort to get actual pencilling and inking done -- I did most of the work at the Rocket Star Cafe here in town. (Side note: Everyone should go to the Rocket Star. Right now. Dan and Bill's coffee shop rocks so hard it's not even funny.) I'm hoping to get stuff moving along at a faster pace now that the holidays are over. Wisheth me luck!

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December 13, 2005


Many people ask me what I use for reference when I draw Vögelein. Truth is, most of V's poses in this new book are actually performed by her stunt double: Spiderman.

A friend of mine just located the same model Spidey as the one I own; I like it very much. It's super-articulated, six inches tall, and easily fits in your pocket or bookbag. I actually spraypainted mine white to avoid being confused by the blue-and-red of his costume; if I were feeling more adventurous, I'd take a file to him and sand down the webs to make him even more anonymous.

Still, he's very useful. Sometimes, I'll pose him, snap a picture from a weird angle, then work from the picture.

Love my Spidey, and now you can have one, too.

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