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Lately I haven't been very good about keeping up the Self-Publishing Resources section of, mostly because I'm still trying to figure out this self-publishing stuff myself. The stakes keep changing, as do the ways of getting your work noticed, and it's hard for me to say much of worth on the subject right now -- I'm still flinging spaghetti myself, and as soon as I see what sticks to the wall best, I'll feel better equipped to blog about it.

Until then, I'm going to start linking more often to people who do know what they're doing -- people like Sara Ryan, because she's a really great writer and she writes some pretty awesome comics in addition to her prose work.

Here's a quote from her journal entry, "On Writing and Risk, Redux":

Does being an author carry risks that other fields do not? Yes. Obviously, unless you’re doing, say, reporting in a war zone, the physical risks to life and limb are minor. This is not mining, or heavy machinery operation, or farm work, or firefighting, or combat. But there are other kinds of risks. Friends, family members, and lovers will see themselves in your work. They may be flattered, but they may also be deeply hurt. Either way, you may not have had them consciously in mind at all when you created those characters or situations. Also, as a writer, you spend a lot of time in your own head, which is not always a pleasant locale.

Go read the rest, it's really good. And if you haven't read Sara's stuff, go read that, too.

Also, here's a really nice essay written by Lisa Jonté, on the blog of Lea Hernandez:

It occurred to me that building a good rep is not much different than building a good credit rating. The best advice is to start small. With credit, you would start a small account, make small, (easily paid off) purchases against it and make timely payments. So, by that logic, to establish a good rep you would take minimal jobs (one at a time please!) make only minimal promises and follow through in a timely manner. However, you also have to make a living, no easy balance to strike, but (I think) doable. Perhaps the focus should be on an entire year, not just the next project at hand. Seeing as how we are about to start a new year, I think this is as good a time as any to start fresh.

Good, sound advice in there. Go read.


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