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(Pronounced: Pfeu-ge-line)

"From dawn the first day until dusk the next. That is how long I have."
-- Vögelein

Vögelein is a clockwork Faerie, crafted in Bavaria in 1692 by a master watchsmith named Heinrich Uhrmacher. Heinrich originally created her as a tribute to a lost love, but Vögelein quickly became her own person.

She carries with her a tiny silver key, her link to life- and remembering. Her three hundred years of eidetic memories can be both blessing and curse: if Vögelein winds down, she begins to lose her memories, starting with the most recent first.

Through the years she has been passed from Guardian to Guardian like a treasured family heirloom, handed down to trusted people who will continue to wind her every day.

Meet Dagny Hanner, the model for Vögelein

Vögelein's Gallery

The Duskie

The Concrete will crack
I will be there when it does
to worship the grass

--JK Berndt

The Fair Folkcome to look like their surroundings; there are Faerie that look like the forest they inhabit, the Germans knew subterranean Faerie -- so it only stands to reason that there are a few of them living in cities, struggling to hold on as the world they once knew continues to slip away. After a few hundred years of breathing coal dust and factory smoke, they must look a little like the Duskie.

The Duskie's Gallery


Ezrael works for the city, sweeping the streets, keeping the neighborhood clean. He's been watching the Duskie and his mischief for many years now, and so Vögelein comes as no surprise when she first encounters him.

Ezrael's Gallery


The perpetual college student, Jason was working at his computer one night when he heard a tiny voice behind him: "Excuse me... Could you wind me, please?"

Meet Jason Winkler, the man who inspired Jason's character

Heinrich Uhrmacher

A master watchsmith, Heinrich was born in the city of Augsberg, but later began his master's shop in Heidelberg, where he became a personal watchmaker to the Elector Karl Ludwig.

He had but one love in his life, a young woman named Birgit. After her death, he became a recluse, giving all his energy to his work. His crowning acievement was a tiny clockwork faerie, crafted over a span of nearly twenty years.

Meett Russ Ellis, the man who inspired Heinrich's character

Heinrich's Gallery


Alexi was Heinrich Uhrmacher's childhood friend, and a Romani trader. His journeys took him all over Europe and Asia Minor, and he brought with him the materials needed to complete Heinrich's masterwork, Vögelein.

Meet Craig Jarvis, the man who inspired Alexi's character

Alexi's Gallery

Jakob Sweintonowski

"I did not learn English until I met Jakob...He brought me to America, from France, after the last war there... my [Guardian] before Jakob was a Frenchwoman -- she was killed in the American advance. I hid in the chimney when the house began to fall. Madeline was not so lucky. Jakob was an American soldier. He found me - and I owe him my life." -- Vögelein

At the beginning of the first book, Jakob is Vögelein's Guardian. He lives by himself in a brownstone apartment in one of the low-rent districts of the city.

The son of Polish immigrants, Jakob speaks fluent German, and speaks to Vögelein almost exclusively in her native language. After Jakob was bedridden by an accident and failing health, Vögelein became his nurse as well as his companion.

Mason Blake

A gifted musician, Mason makes his living playing gigs wherever he can find them, never staying in one city for very long. He is often seen playing Irish music at sessions, and is one of Vögelein's newer Guardians.

Mason's Gallery

Gina and Zhuzha Horvath

Gina Horvath and her grandmother, Zhuzha, are Mason's former neighbors. Mason and his mother lived below them in an old apartment house -- he grew up playing with Gina, and knew Mrs. Horvath as "Bibi Zhuzha".

Michelle Ainsworth

Michelle works at Angelo's Diner, the restaurant where Ezrael eats breakfast every morning. She lives with her girlfriend, Annie, and attends college classes after her early morning shifts at the diner. Ezrael calls her 'Chelle, as do all her close friends.

"Crazy" O'Malley

"Crazy" O'Malley is a local character who claims to be see 'evil fairies'. He's frequently found in Angelo's Diner.


Jess is a young woman who lives in Mason's apartment building. She makes her living by making tiny one-of-a-kind models of fairies and selling them on auction sites. Jess is absolutely, totally obsessed with fairies.