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Happy New Year to all!

I got picked up by Cold Cut Distribution, which means that now you can ask your local comic store for Vögelein and get it sooner than waiting for the January Previews' delivery in March. Hooray!

I'm working on other distributors, and when I hear back, there'll be more news!


Added new Fan Art Gallery

Vögelein is getting herself some fans, and I've received some fan-art sketches of her already. Head over to the Fan Art Gallery and check 'em out!


Underworld signing went exceedingly well!

Had a great time at Underworld Comics yesterday. The staff was super nice, (Thanks again, Phil and Eric!) and lots of old friends that I hadn't seen for years stopped in to buy a copy of Issue #1. Thanks, y'all!


They're Here!

Good Grief! They're here! Hooray! Starting this week, you will be able to purchase a copy of Vögelein at all the comics stores in Ann Arbor:

Underworld Comics

Vault of Midnight Comics

Hobby Xpress

Hobby Play

Starting soon, they'll also be available through Titan Comics in Dallas, and (hopefully!!) all the Mile High stores in Colorado. (I have some very well-trained comics pimps across the country who are working hard to bust me into Indy shops everywhere. Crazy Mad Props to all y'all!)

I'm also going to be soliciting through Cold Cut soon, which means that they'll also be available through Mars Import before much longer. When that happens, I'll have an link so's you can buy one directly online with a credit card and everything.


In-store Appearance at Underworld Comics!

Just got word from the nice people down at Underworld Comics (South University St. In Ann Arbor, plug, plug...) that I'll be in for a book signing on December 5th from 1-7pm. Stop on by and get your copy of Vögelein, and get it autographed while you're at it!


Motor City Report

So Motor City Comic Con was a blast. I had a great time, sold out of all the promos I brought, and met lots of fun people, like Wendy and Sean Strang-Frost from Johnny Public -- they're great folks. Definitely check out their site.

Also got to rub elbows with the likes of William Stout, who had somehow managed to completely slip under my radar -- I'd never seen his work before, and what a loss for me! What unbelieveable art! His stuff is so cool. In the wee hours before the con (read as: 9am) we got to chat quite a bit about Pre-Raphaelites, alkyds, inks and lawyers. Lucky me!

Other highlights included re-meeting Paul Sizer, who, back in '98, gave me a serious morale-boost and actually remembered who I was this year! We swapped comics, and I got to read the new quartet of Little White Mouse books. I went through and reread the previous seven issues, and I was really, truly impressed. LWM's another comic worth reading; Paul's storytelling is really great. He also did a sketch of V that will be included in an issue to come, probably 2 or 3.

Matt Feazell was there, and funkily cool as always. Cynicalman never disappoints.

I also wound up sitting next to the buys who did FX Mulrooney. The style is this pleasantly weird mix of Angry Young Man US Comics, Manga, and Archie. Definitely worth a read.


Almost there!

Anyone who ordered an Advance Copy should keep an eye out - I've finished all the sketches and they will be shipping within a week after I receive the comics. I expect them to arrive here in Ann Arbor sometime during the week of (American) Thanksgiving, so you should see them within another 2-3 weeks.


Coming sooner than you think....

So the book is out at Quebecor being printed as I type this. I should have a few samples to sell at Motor City Comic Con, though not too many, so if you see me there, snap one up, because it might be a few more weeks before the rest of them show up. I'll also be doing some signings at local Ann Arbor comic shops. I'll post the times and dates as soon as I figure out when and where they'll be.


No Xeric for me....

Sadly, I did not get the Xeric Grant. Life goes on, however, and some dear, wonderful friends have stepped up to the plate and donated the money needed to print the first issue. It should be out, soon. Hooray!


Vögelein now appearing as a preview in Thieves and Kings #36 Rubel and Kim

Click on the picture of Rubel and Kim to see a larger picture of Thieves and Kings #36
Mark "M'Oak" Oakley has generously printed the entire first issue of Vögelein in issue #36 of his comic, Thieves and Kings. the printing came out beautifully, and Mark wrote the sweetest introduction for it.

Thieves and Kings is an independently-published comic that focuses around three major characters: Rubel, a young thief; Heath Wingwhit, a young girl whose pasts are catching up with her; and Princess Katara, to whom Rubel has pledged his service and love. The three are persued by the shadowy Soracia, Queen of Halves, and aided by the equally quixotic wizard, Quinton Zempfester.

A wonderful read for both young readers and older adventure-lovers, Thieves and Kings is a fantastic mix of prose and images, with a plot that handles swashbuckling fantasy and dark evils with smooth dexterity. It's also terribly overlooked. Start right from the beginning and work your way in -- time in Oceansend is time well-spent.

You can order Thieves and Kings #36 from Mars Import, or from Mark's publishing company, I-Box Publishing.


Vögelein merchandise now available!
Now you can buy cool Vögelein accessories online from a secure store! Now, you can buy coffee mugs, mousepads and teeshirts with Vögelein and the Duskie.Vögelein mug ... and soon there will be more. Drop me a line and tell me what other things you'd like to see. I can make hats, totebags... even boxer shorts. No Joke.


I have officially sent out my application for the Xeric grant. I won't find out if I've received anything until 6 weeks after September 1st - that's sometime in early October, as well as my work-addled brain can figure.

If I'm lucky enough to receive the grant, the first issue will go to press as soon as I hear word. If not, the first issue will likely go to press before the end of the year, as soon as I scrape together the funds to do so. Wish me luck!

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