About Vögelein

People Who Helped

Adele Smaill  •  Craig Jarvis  •  Dagny Hanner  •  Dan and Karen
Jason Winkler  •  Jeff Berndt  •  Russ Ellis  •  Mike Zawacki

Adele Smaill

"I believe that a good deal of the world's ills are due to a lack of imagination." -- Adele

Adele recently got married and moved to England, and can often be found practicing her Lindy Hop, eating sushi, organizing, being wonderfully stroppy, reading Neil Gaiman and writing children's books about psychopathic housecats and Keas, New Zealand birds that like to eat windshield wipers.

Without Adele's support, advice and editing, this book would have been dead in the water years ago. Thanks, Adele.

Craig Jarvis

This is Craig Jarvis, proud owner of a "Sta-oopid hat", gamer and swing dancer extraordinare. He, too, was subjected to countless photoshoots over the last few years.

Craig is the inspiration behind Alexi, both in spirit and in looks.

Dagny Hanner

This is my friend Dagny. Just a few months after meeting me, she trusted me enough to put on a leotard and jump around my backyard in silly clothes, pretending to be a little clockwork faerie.

Since then, she has become one of my most trusted partners in crime, and was even my Maid of Honor at my wedding. She also shares my unholy Nightcrawler fixation. (EEEE!)

Dan and Karen Sugalski

Meet Dan and Karen, and their (now taller than me) son Peregrine. They have added a lovely daughter, Piper, to their progeny, and she is also taller than me. It's been a good while since this picture was taken.

They're two of my favorite folks, even if they live something like a thousand miles away from me now. Sigh.

Jason Winkler

This is the college buddy who good-naturedly agreed to become the model for the character of Jason. (Please note the distinct difference between people and characters!) Jason allowed himself to be subjected to hours and hours of photographs, both in street clothes and silly costumes.

Jason now lives in upstate New York with his lovely and talented wife, Dr. Amanda Eubanks-Winkler, and their beautiful daughter Emma.

Jeff Berndt

Jeff and I designed the characters and concept of Vögelein over many long cups of tea and buckets of chinese food. Without his help, none of this would be possible. Thanks, Jeff.

Russ Ellis

This is Russ Ellis -- our own personal Uhrmacher. Any technology, up to and including the internal combustion engine, is child's play for Russ' skilled hands. If it's broken, he can put it right again. He is the continuing inspiration behind Heinrich,/a>.

Added Bonus: In the "Truther than Strange" category, meet Another Russ Ellis. This particular Russ Ellis found the Vögelein site by Ego-surfing the net, and took the time to have someone photograph himself so that we could all see the striking resemblence between the two Russes. Turns out he's a schoolteacher near Liverpool.

Mike Zawacki

Meet Mike Zawacki, sometimes known to his friends as "Scary Mike". He's a wonderful friend, one of my best critics and a fantastic artist, and is also one of those treasured few people who understands about needing to let ideas out of your head before they make it explode. Mike's currently hard at work on his latest movie project, InZero.