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Vögelein:Clockwork Faerie Reviews and Fan Mail

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Tina Coleman of Booklist (11/1/2003):
"Gr. 5-up... This modern fable is a rare treasure that weaves fanciful imagination into themes of individuality, diversity, and independence. The art is beautifully shaded black and white, and it carries the narrative impeccably, bringing across both the emotions of the characters and the depth of their world. Great for middle readers who like graphic novels or for younger children to share with an adult."

Stephen Raiteri of The Library Journal, 1/2004, pp 78:
"This is a touching story, somber and reflective, and Irwin's exquisite, realistic black-and-white paintings fit the book's air of memory and strangeness very well. Recommended for teen and adult fans of prose fantasies in modern settings at all libraries."

Robin Brenner of The No Flying No Tights website:
"When I settled down to read Jane Irwin's Vögelein, I suspected I was in for a treat, and boy was I right. Vögelein, the title character, is a true heroine: independent, strong-willed, but also at times naive, uncertain, and afraid without being any less strong... The artwork is all grayscale, and the somber quality of the solid and fluid art perfectly fits the tale. This volume acts more as an introduction to Vögelein and her world, and I can only beg for more!"

Katharine Kan of The Voice of Youth Advocates
"Irwin creates an original tale that harks back to good old-fashioned storytelling. Teens who grew up with fairy tales and fantasy will enjoy it ... It's suitable for middle and high school libraries, with some fascinating bits of history and watch making along with the gentle fantasy, and lots of snippets from great poetry of the past."

Jim Johnson of The Comic Buyer's Guide
An A+ Review!

"Jane Irwin's Vögelein (PFEU-gul-ine) is a wonderfully crafted story that best if enjoyed for the beautiful experience that it is, rather than forced into a pre-labeled genre... A+"

Randy Lander of The Fourth Rail:
"Vogelein reminds me, in all the good ways, of small press books like Castle Waiting or Finder. It's imaginative, unusual and beautiful to look at. It also has the negative traits, which means that not enough people are reading it, and folks should really try to remedy that. Irwin's story has the benefit of being short, with the first story arc ending next issue, and having some grayscale painted artwork that is terrific. It also has the benefit of conveying a magical premise without being syrupy sweet, and though it will definitely appeal to those who like "goth" comics, especially Sandman, it's got a universal appeal that's hard to ignore."

Randy Lander and Don MacPherson of The Fourth Rail
"There's a magical viewpoint going on in Vögelein that I found captivating.... Vögelein herself is a mixture of naivete and a clear, sharp intelligence and independence, and within a few silent pages of her plight in the first issue, I was hooked into the character's dilemma. "

"Despite the title character's predicament, fear and confusion, there's an uplifting tone to the story. We're set up to expect people to abuse or take advantage of Vögelein, but instead, she's met with kindness, or at the worst, indifference. Irwin seems to be saying that most people, at their core, are decent."

John Miller of The Gay League
"There is great humanity in this story. A yearning for permanence and self-reliance. The art is beautiful...There is real poetry in this book both in prose and pictures."

Storeyteller of NH Fandom
"I first became interested in Vogelein when I saw a preview that ran in Mark Oakley's Thieves and Kings #36. In that preview, Jane's interesting toned art style shone through and the beginning of an interesting story piqued my interest."

AJ Reardon of Collector Times Online
"The cover art was so mesmerizing, the wings so perfect, the fae so mournful, that somehow I knew this was going to be a good comic. I was not disappointed!"

Tammy Lee of Sequential Tart
"Vögelein is self-published. Self-published comics are always a crapshoot -- sometimes you get a gem, sometimes you get crap. Vögelein is a big beauty of a gem with many facets to sparkle and amaze. "

Greg McElhatton of iComics.com
"Vögelein is a really impressive debut.... Don't mistake Vögelein for a light and fluffy book, though; this dark modern fantasy is anything but. "

Barb Lein-Cooper of Sequential Tart
"If you don't feel for this noble creature and her struggles, you must have a heart of stone... I can't recommend this book highly enough. It's a powerful and brave book by a small press."

An Interview with Tim O'Shea of Orcafresh.net
After reading this first issue, I was struck at how much it reminded me of how I felt after reading my first issue of Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN."

Anne Reuter of the Ann Arbor News
"The world of comic book writers is predominantly male. "But that's changing as the medium opens up. Jane is a good example of that," says Richard Rubenfeld, an art professor at Eastern Michigan University. He's talking about Jane Irwin, a determined newcomer to the serious comics scene."

Alasdair Watson of Ninth Art
"The issue is well paced, the dialogue smooth and natural, the characterisation excellent and, all in all, this is a fine set up issue that strikes the right balance between answering questions and leaving mystery for later."

Lisa Jonte of Sequential Tart
"Jane Irwin's artwork is sweetly detailed and extremely emotive as is her story. I cannot wait for issue two. You shouldn't wait either.

Fresh, twisted and completely charming, Vögelein is a keeper."

Johanna Draper Carlson of Comics Worth Reading
"This charming new miniseries tells the story of a clockwork fairy searching for a new guardian through black-and-white painted art. It's thoughtful, well-crafted, and involving, with none of the pretension or cuteness that lesser fantasy stories get trapped in. I already care about the characters and can't wait to see more."

An Interview with Barb Lein-Cooper of Sequential Tart
"I am pleased to say that Vögelein is one of the best reads of the New Year. It has mood, tone, an intriguing plot, and exceedingly interesting characters."

Jennifer Contino of Sequential Tart
"Irwin's whet my appetite to and I'm anxious to see the rest of this series. If you like fantasy, if you're looking for something different, if you enjoyed Avigon, then you really will like Vögelein."

Jeff and Tracy Plackemeier from Dallas, TX
Hi, Jane!

I bought issue one yesterday at Titan Comics, read it today, and thought I'd drop you a line. I bought it for my wife, but I read it first (and boy, was she mad about that!). I liked it... a lot. I would LOVE to see it in color! I knew of the premise, and given the nature of the story (fantasy), I was perfectly willing to suspend disbelief that a clockwork fairy could exist. I was pleased to find out that you had researched how such a creature might exist, short of "magic." I was also impressed at the ammount of backstory you chose to leave out. You really seem to know this character (as you should), but also know not to overburden the story with details not in service to the plot. Anyway, Tracy and I are in for the long haul, wish you the best, and hope Vögelein does well for you!

Jeff Plackemeier

Dear Jane,

I wanted to express my feelings to you after reading Issue One.

As Jeff said, he did select your story for me and he does have a real talent for knowing just what I will enjoy. I have to agree with all of his comments but I related to Vögelein on a much deeper, emotional level too.

I am always amazed at the true beauty of a storytelling without words. Your paintings captured Vögelein's sadness and courage far better than dialogue ever could. From the first wave of empathy for her loss of Jakob to her startled fear at the end, I was honored to have been invited to read her story. Thank you again for sharing this wonderful creation with us. It will be hard to wait until May but as Jeff said, we're here until the end.

Please keep including the notes and sketchbook. The image of Vögelein hugging herself with such profound sadness in her eyes with linger with me for a long time. Having lost my father, I can understand why you used it to convey her ultimate despair.

Best of luck to you and Vögelein!

Tracy Plackemeier