Self-Publishing Resources

Comics Are Open Source

When I was getting started as a self publisher, it sometimes seemed like people were coming out of the woodwork to help me out. I received priceless advice and opportunities that made it possible for me to self-publish, and all anyone ever asked in return was that I do the same for anyone who asked me for help. As part of that promise, I've built this section of my website to hold as much relevant self-publishing information as I can gather.

To help keep things organized, I've compiled the information and links into five sections:

  • Essays -- Articles and essays I've written, along with links to writings by other self-publishers. I've also included a section for relevant articles by Non-Comics writers.

  • Links -- I've compiled a long list of links to articles, columns, and websites about self-publishing, along with links to other useful places like The Xeric Foundation.

  • Audio -- I audiotaped a few panels and talks I've given. You can download them here or just listen to them online, or check out the links to other comics-related audio on the web.

  • Handouts -- Here are all the handouts I use in my presentations, as well as a few from other people. You may download them and distribute them copyright-free.

  • Printer Information -- Contact info for the four major printers in North America that print comic books. I've also included information on non-traditional forms of self-publishing, such as Print-On-Demand (POD) and Minicomics.