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Vögelein: Clockwork Faerie

Vögelein: Clockwork Faerie

Collects the five single issues of the original miniseries. 168pp; full color cover, black and white interior.
Price: $12.95 + $3.50 Shipping.

"Vögelein is the great undiscovered gem of independent comics. Don't let its sparkle pass you by!" -- Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics

ISBN-10: 0974311006  •  ISBN-13:978-0974311005
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Vögelein: Old Ghosts

Vögelein: Old Ghosts

This story went straight to graphic novel without single issues. 168pp; full color cover, black and white interior.
Price: $12.95 + $3.50 Shipping.

"It's gorgeous." -- Johanna Draper Carlson, Comics Worth Reading

ISBN-10: 0974311014  •  ISBN-13: 978-0974311012
Diamond Order Code: MAY073475

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Buy a PDF eBook at Scribd.com for $7.99

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Hardcover Special Editions

Old Ghosts Hardcovers!

Fresh from Bessenberg Bindery, I just received the first installments of the Old Ghosts Hardcover!

Each volume features custom, hand-marbled paper limited to only these twenty-five books. That's right, Galen Berry hand-made a special batch of paper exclusively for these books. The spines and corners are bound in dark-blue bonded leather, and the front and spines are stamped with silver-foil Vögelein keys. The run is limited to only twenty-five copies, and I've already sold three, so get yours soon!

When ordering, please specify the dedication ("For Bob...") and the character you would like in your sketch (Heinrich, Ezrael, Vögelein). Please also specify your delivery preferences: I also strongly encourage buyers to include a few extra dollars for insurance and signature-required delivery, and to have the package shipped to an address where someone will be home to sign for it. Packages will be shipped via USPS with Delivery Confirmation (no signature required) ONLY; additional services extra.

Price: $80 SALE! $70 + $10 Shipping. Overseas customers please add $15 in shipping.

The Special Hardcover Edition of Vögelein:Clockwork Faerie is SOLD OUT!

These are first editions, individually hand bound by the two-person team at Bessenberg Bindery. Each one features die-stamped silver-foil keys on the cover and the spine, and is bound with dark blue bonded leather and machine made paper, as opposed to the earlier volumes, which featured handmade paper. The handmade paper is no longer being produced; this was the best-looking substitute I could find, and is so intricate and beautiful that no two volumes are exactly alike.

Sterling Silver Key Replicas

There will be two editions of Vögelein's key: a Special Edition with custom-box and replica chain, limited to fifty pieces, and an open-ended series intended to be worn as jewelry. Neither is quite ready for sale yet, so until they are, please enjoy these production photos. The keys are hand-made by Rollande Krandall of Singing Lemur Jewelry, and all photos are by her husband, David MacMillan.

The keys are each individually hand-made using the traditional lost-wax process. A "Master" is made in wax, then cast in silver, refined, and then a mold is made from the silver key. Using the mold, more waxes are then cast. Perfect waxes are then arranged in a "tree" using sprues, which create little tunnels for the liquid silver to travel down during the casting process. Once the wax tree is built, the entire tree is invested in a substance similar to plaster-of-paris, but made specifically for casting. Once the plaster is dry, the investment is heated until the wax melts and runs out the bottom, leaving a hollow empty place inside, shaped exactly like the tree, only in negative-space. Once the investment is cool, sterling silver is heated to a molten state and either vacuum-pumped or centrifugal-forced into the mold. After the silver cools, the investment is dipped in water and melts away, leaving the silver tree. The individual keys are then carefully cut free of the tree, the remains of which are melted down again to make more keys. Each key is then hand-polished and refined to completion.

As you can see, the process is quite long and involved, and requires an amazing amount of skill (and not a small amount of luck!) to get one perfect key from wax all the way to completed silver. Since each is entirely hand made, no two will be exactly alike. Rollande has been refining the master key for over four years now -- it's been a long and sometimes frustrating road, but the end pieces are truly magnificent, and worthy of Heinrich's approval.

Original Vögelein Artwork

Cover to Issue 2
Issue 2 Cover Original
Price: $250 + $5 Shipping.
Original Acrylic. Unmatted. Approx 8 1/2 x 11". You may notice that the image is reversed from the original cover... I had to flip it to fit the UPC code in. NOTE: Lens flare DOES NOT appear on original; it is a Photoshop effect. This was the only scan I had handy.

Vögelein Promotional Painting
Graphic Novel Cover Sketch
Price: $100 + $5 Shipping.
Original Acrylic painting. Image is used on the Vogelein.com Front Page. Comes with one dark blue and one terracotta mat, immediately ready for framing. Measurements with mat are 8 x 14".

Vögelein Series Artwork

Paintings from Vögelein: Clockwork Faerie are 10 x 15" on 11 x 17" paper, with the exception of the Epilogue, which are 8 x 11" on 9 x 12" paper. They are painted in black and white. Some images from Issue 5 are not complete, as many of the backgrounds in that issue were dropped in digitally. Prices range from $50 for an incomplete image to $300 for a prize image, like the one of Vögelein staring at her reflection in the window. That page has been sold, as has the two-page spread, but most others are still available.

Paintings from Vögelein: Old Ghosts range in size from 7 x 10" to 8 x 11.5". They're a lot smaller than the originals in the first book, and they took far less time, so I'm actually selling them cheaper than their older counterparts. I'm holding back the page of her on the statue, for my collection, but all others are up for grabs, and none have been sold yet. I'm thinking that pages will sell for between $100 and $150 depending on how ornate the page is.

Please email me with requests for prices.

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